Bits and blogs 3

First Light Movies judges from ‘The Secret of Moonacre’

‘The Secret of Moonacre’ is a magical film based on the book ‘The Little White Horse’ by Elizabeth Goudge. Out today the film stars Dakota Blue Richards and Juliet Stevenson, both of whom have judged the nominated entries for the upcoming Activison First Light Movies Awards. Find out more about the Awards and watch the nominated films here.

Top tips for young filmmakers

10 tips for young filmmakers from Irish filmmaker and critic Donal Foreman, check them out!

BBC Blast and BFI Future Film Festival

Taking place from 13th – 15th February the Future Film Festival will be made up of screenings, workshops, debates and an awards ceremony for 13-25 year olds.  And it’s all FREE!


One Response to “Bits and blogs 3”

  1. I just read the 10 tips for young filmmakers and it’s so true… you cannot beat Hollywood. Don’t try to compare yourself to the “big dogs.” Evaluate your movie based on your experience and the tools/equipment you have to work with.

    A great read for any young filmmaker trying to pursue their passion.


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